Woodworm control in Yorkshire & the Pennines

Make sure the timber in your property is woodworm-free with a highly-dependable service from the team at Curedamp Ltd.

Prevent damage with woodworm treatments

Woodworm is the collective name for all insects that find themselves in wooden structures. The extent of damage can range from a small patch to structural damage resulting in treatments that may prove heavy on your pocket. Our experience in the trade has allowed us to detect and resolve woodworm issues well in advance. We are renown for the quick action we take and our work in various properties across Barnsley. 
Woodworm infestation

Get rid of woodworms

We can help with comprehensive treatments to eradicate woodworms. To avoid potential damage, it is recommended to keep your premises free of woodworms. Make sure to have a clean and dry property at all times in addition to keeping firewood outdoors. For more useful tips to keep these insects away, speak to us today, our services cover Barnsley, Sheffield, Huddersfield, Leeds and surrounding areas.
Woodworm treatments

Services we provide include:

Cleaning of timber
Spraying insecticide 
Getting rid of the living woodworm and eggs
A long-term guarantee
Effective treatments
We can provide a free quote for woodworm control. Contact the team at Curedamp Ltd on 07771 813 408 today.

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